News Introducing the Spontaneous Curation Series

My Morning Jacket will begin the Spontaneous Curation Series with their forthcoming European tour dates and extend throughout the entire US August and September run. Fan club members and concert goers will assist in curating each night's set list through Twitter as the band travels around the globe. The series will also comprise of the entire album catalogue and rarities, adding to the spontaneity and uniqueness each night.  

In keeping with the spirit of the Spontaneous Curation Series, no songs will be repeated for their back-to-back performances at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

"Curating spontaneously is best achieved by communication within a community because otherwise, curating in a vacuum can lead one to spontaneously combust.  However, a spontaneously curated show is the best way to achieve collective musical combustion.  Concurrently, we are crazed with excitement and curiosity to see how Roll Call and concert goers spontaneously contribute to our eclectic collective curation!"
-My Morning Jacket

Opening Song "Roll Call"

Members of the My Morning Jacket Roll Call fan club will be getting details on how they can participate in choosing the opening song oneach and every show, including all festival appearances.

Encore Curation

@mymorningjacket will send out tweets days before every performance with further instructions on how to submit songs for encores at each show. As the band begins making their set list each night, they will choose a collection of songs based on all entries.

Encore Curation Guidelines and Tips:

* MMJ will choose a collection of songs based on things like 'most requested', 'best flow' or 'wow tune factor'

* Every selected song will be acknowledged by the band's account directly to each fan whose tweet catches the eye of the group

* Multiple tweets are accepted and encouraged!

* For the European Festivals, this promotion will be used for the body of the set as the set lengths do not allow for the band's characteristic marathon encores

* MMJ asks that people not request cover tunes


Follow @mymorningjacket for further details and announcements on how to participate in the Spontaneous Curation Series

Click here for upcoming European tour hashtags

PLEASE NOTE: Newport, RI @ Newport Folk Festival will be the only non-Spontaneous Curation show on the tour.