What are points for and how do they work?
Points are awarded to users based on participation in the social aspects of mmj.com: blogging, commenting, being a member for a certain amount of time, and making new friends! You can view your points history by clicking on your points total in the Dashboard, or on your profile. In the near future, awesome items will be made available for purchase with these points. When you spend points your visible total will remain the same (as other users see it), but your available points to spend will decrease. You can view your spending history on the same pages mentioned above.

The current set up is the following:

Post a comment, Value: 1 pts
Post a blog, Value: 10 pts (there is a character limit enforced here!)

Signup, Value: 1pts
Be a member for 5 days, Value: 50pts
Be a member for a month, Value: 100pts
Be a member for a year, Value: 500pts
Have 5 friends, Value: 50pts
Have 15 friends, Value 100pts
Have 50 friends, 500pts

How do renewals work?
If you purchased a Roll Call membership in or about May 2011 and your renewal is coming up soon, simply go to the store to purchase the Roll Call package for 2012. This will extend your membership one (1) year from the day you purchase it.
If you purchased a Roll Call membership within six (6) months prior to April 30th, 2012 and you do not have a 2012 first entry laminate, please email [email protected] for more information. Please include your full name, email address on your account, Roll call join date and expiration date.

Who can I contact with specific account questions?
For questions regarding the website or your Roll Call fan club membership, please visit ground(ctrl) Customer Support at support.groundctrl.com.